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Customer Services:
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Customer Services: 0344 776 5305

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Which Type of Taxi Insurance Do I Need?

14th March 2018

There are two main types of taxi insurance – public hire insurance and private hire insurance.

So, which one do you need and why?

Whether you’re a black minicab driver, an international taxi-app service, work for a local taxi fleet, or are Travis Bickle, having taxi insurance is paramount. To be more specific – the correct type of taxi insurance.

You must protect yourself, your vehicle, your passengers and others around you.

Not covered? All it takes is one accident involving you and/or a passenger to find yourself in hot water. The last thing any taxi driver wants is to be out of pocket and out of a job, which could devastate your financial stability. You may find yourself left with a damaged vehicle and your career, financial income, reputation and livelihood all destroyed.

So why take the risk?

Let’s look at the type of taxi insurance you need depending on the sort of service you provide:

Public Hire Insurance

Public hire taxi insurance is needed for taxi drivers and vehicles that are permitted to do pickups immediately from the street. For example, the iconic black cabs in London.  If you’re going to provide this type of taxi service, you will need to get this specialist taxi cover.

Private Hire Insurance

For private hire taxis and minicabs that are based on arranged bookings from a selected pickup point and time, you will need to get private hire taxi insurance.

Both services above involve the carriage of passengers for a fee. Your motor insurance policy – more specifically your insurance certificate – must state ‘hire and reward’ for you to be covered correctly.

Public Liability Cover

Like most jobs involving driving, dealing with passengers and members of the public is part and parcel of daily life. But it’s not without its risks. Public liability taxi insurance will protect you and your company from any unforeseen incidents involving passengers in your car.

Not having passenger liability cover could mean you personally paying the cost of a passenger’s injury claim.

Get covered. Be safe.

At Business Choice Direct, we specialise in providing cost-effective and bespoke taxi driver insurance. Get in touch for a tailored quote.